Tutoring Services


Tutoring Services

Around the Leeds area:

GCSE and earlier years: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

A-Level Subjects : Maths and Physics

Oxford and Cambridge Interview Preparation 

Group Sessions

Group sessions are available at a reduced rate per person. This is ideal if a pair or group of friends would like to have lessons together. Additionally, an individual student can request to be placed as part of a group in order to access the reduced rate. 

I would like to add that I have actually found group sessions to be very beneficial for those involved. The groups are still very small (maximum 4) so the students still enjoy the individualised teaching that one-to-one tuition provides, but with the additional features of helping and being helped by peers.

Oxbridge Preparation

Oxbridge Preparation

In addition to private subject tutoring, I offer preparation for Oxford and Cambridge interviews and entrance exams.

I can provide: 
- Personal statement advice
- Coaching on interview-style questions
- Practice interviews
- Support, advice and morale through the whole process

As a former state school student who applied to Cambridge in 2008 I understand how intimidating the procedure can be and appreciate that I now have the opportunity to smooth the process for others. 

I am uniquely qualified to provide application support for a few reasons: I successfully applied to Cambridge and went on to receive an MA and MSci in Natural Sciences; while at Cambridge I was employed to train interviewers in the interview process; since graduating I have worked alongside several students who were applying to university as a private tutor and helped them obtain offers and places. I mainly have experience of the sciences but can offer help with other subjects as well. 

I am also keen to emphasise that I try to offer moral support as well as academic. Applying to Oxbridge can be a stressful and challenging time in a young person's life and so I like to make sure that my students are happy and comfortable with everything that is happening, as well as successful. 

For more information please feel free to contact me.

Educational Consultation

Educational Consultation

This is a premium service designed to help shape the academic and professional life of a young person. These sessions will be one-to-one with Jake and used to provide overall advice on how to get the most out of oneself and one's time. Jake will spend time with the client, mainly conversing but also analysing the client's working patterns and life habits in order to determine how they can be best improved and optimised.         
Areas covered include:

  • Time management
  • Learning techniques
  • Approach to revision
  • Work/Life balance
  • Health and exercise
  • Online and social media presence
  • Career and internship advice
  • Suggested reading material

The educational consultation service is appropriate for students of all ages, but is especially useful for students who are about to make a large academic step: the step up to GCSE, the step up to A-level or the step up to university. (Prospective university students should consider an educational consultation very seriously because the move to higher education is traditionally the most challenging and potentially overwhelming in a student's life). By being organised and being prepared before these transitions, a student's chances of success are significantly improved.

An educational consultation will take the form of 5-10 hours of contact time over a one or two week period, over which the student will be assessed and recommendations will be provided through written and verbal conversations with Jake.

Rates on request. For more information please use the contact form.

A message from Jake:

In the hundreds of hours I have spent with students of all ages, it has become apparent that while schools place a great deal of focus on teaching subject content to students, they fail to teach students how to learn. Learning is an holistic process which incorporates how a student spends their free time, their sleeping habits and their organisational skills. In order to have the best chance at learning, a student must have other aspects of their life in order. My educational consultation service is designed to prepare students for learning in all aspects of their lives.